Microphone Stand for Concerts, Recordings and Speeches

Whether it is concerts, seminars, conferences or recording studios, you will notice a microphone stand in all these places. Expensive professional microphones are synonymous with quality and used largely in music performances and recordings. Many times a microphone needs to be mounted on a suitable adjustable stand for convenience. One can buy different types of microphone stands according to the need.

Microphone Stand for Concerts, Recordings and Speeches

Microphone stand for voice over and speeches

The type of microphone stand best suited for voice over in studio recordings and for conference table use is an adjustable suspension boom type with scissor arms. One should select the best scissor arm microphone stand with the following features:

  • Fully adjustable, articulating spring loaded scissor arms with a mounting base to allow the stand to be fitted to a console.
  • Arms should be fully adjustable to allow for easy adjustment by the speaker to the desired position. Once set, there should be no creep, meaning the arms should not droop or move horizontally or vertically due to weight.
  • Ergonomics are important to allow right positioning without the speaker having to strain his neck or lean forward. Looks are just as important since these scissor arm microphone stands are used in professional environments.
  • The arm should have a suitable clamp at the end to fit in any type of microphone.
  • A highly desirable feature is a pop filter. The pop filter is usually porous foam that cancels out annoying pops when a speaker enunciates consonants. This helps in audio clarity without dampening sound in any way.
  • Damping is another important aspect you should keep in mind when buying the best scissor arm type microphone stand. This means it should not vibrate or pick up vibrations and transmit it to the microphone since such vibrations would be picked up and amplified by the microphone. A well-damped clamp usually takes care of the problem but rigidity of the arms is just as important.

Tripod Microphone Stande

Tripod stands are available in various configurations. You have the telescopic type with an articulating arm that can be used on stages for speeches. Then you have the low level telescopic tripod stand with an articulating arm. The low level articulating type tripod stand is usually employed to hold microphones that pick up sounds from musical instruments during recording sessions or during concerts. Here again you must select the best tripod stands keeping in mind following parameters:

  • Rigidity of the tripod with a heavy die cast base so that the stand does not tip over in any case.
  • Fully articulating arm and telescoping sections to allow precise positioning at desired height and angle.
  • Damping to ensure vibrations are at the minimum and do not carry to the microphone and thus interfere with sound quality.
  • Compact and easy to fold to make it easy for transportation purposes.

Microphone stands are important since they hold the microphone. When you are looking for the best quality microphone stands then you must use the best tripod stand and/or the best scissor arm stand to suit your specific purpose for your microphone stand.