Sennheiser e865 Condenser Microphone

Condenser Microphone Sennheiser e865 Review test

Sennheiser e865 Condenser Microphone

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      The Sennheiser e865 is a fancy steel inlet microphone that has one superior transient responder and has the frequency up to 20,000 Hz. The microphone is both silks and smooth having the capacity to ensure that the center sound does not receive feedback which makes it a good microphone for any stage. Best Use and SizeAdvisable for both inspiration talks, music performance or in any event where a master of ceremony is required. Also, the microphone is so light and in real sense weighs 11 ounces.

      Sennheiser e865 Unique Features

      Dimensions and Power

      The Sennheiser e865 condenser microphone is approximately 5 cm long and 20cm wide. Also, it is powered by a phantom power which reduces the amount of power usage as compared to normal microphones by half.

      Frequency and Sensitivity

      Arguably, the condenser microphone is among the few that have the capacity to work comfortably in both 40 Hz and 20,000 Hz. They have enough power to sustain for long even while in use.Moreover, they have a unique pattern to pick up sound known as super-cardioid. This allows the microphone to produce only crystal clear sound that is both conducive to the speaker and the listeners.


      We know you love sleek microphone that weighs less and have one unique design. With this microphone you have nothing to fear, the microphone has a body which is black in color which is accompanied by a grille which is found on top of the color and it’s in a dark blue. Arguably, this improves your confidence while using it on a stage.


      The microphone comes with a particular 10-year warranty making it a viable option as compared to the many microphones in the industry. In any case, if it worse comes to worse you will be offered a new microphone. Therefore, if you need a microphone for your church choir or for your stage performance whether as an artist or an inspirational speaker, this is one of the best microphones in the market due to its features.