Fifine Microphone K668 – Plug & Play USB Microphone Home Studio Mic

If you’re tired of using your computers integrated microphone and dealing with the fuzzy distortion and annoying feedback, then the Fifine Microphone with USB Plug & Play is just built for you. Due to its ability to create studio quality audio at an affordable price, the Fifine K668 condenser microphone is a top choice among social media users and gamers alike.

Key Features of the FiFine Microphone K668

  • Plug and play with no software to install
  • Cardioid pick up pattern which cancels noise and isolates the audio you with to record
  • Smooth and flat frequency response of 50Hz to 6KHz

USB Microphone Home Studio K668

Easy Setup, Easy to Use

The Fifine K668 condenser microphone is simple to use and easy to operate. Simply plug your K668 into a USB port on your PC or Mac and you are on your way. The housing is made of high quality, durable aluminum alloy metal with a silver plate mesh.

The Fifine Microphone comes with 1 USB microphone with 5.9 foot audio cable, 1 anti-wind foam cap, 1 metal tripod stand and a user manual. There is absolutely no software or drivers to install in order to use the Fifine K668. This microphone is capable of working with any audio software you own, such as Audacity. The Fifine K668 is 8 x 6.9 x 2.6 inches and weighs in at a light 12.8 ounces.

The Fifine Microphone Creates Professional Audio

… for Your Social Media and Gaming Needs

The elegantly designed Fifine K668 microphone works for vocals, music, voice overs, gaming and podcasts, all while producing studio quality results. Those of you who enjoy creating gaming videos and wish to move on from the fuzzy audio of integrated microphones, will be happy to know that the Fifine K668 will help you create superior audio for your tutorials and gaming walk throughs.

With no software or drivers to download, the Fifine K668 lives up to its name as a plug and play computer microphone. Your audio projects will have less background noise and far better tonal range. The Fifine K668 is directional in design, due to its cardioid pick up pattern, which means it can eliminate extraneous environmental noise and record only the source sounds. In other words, if you are doing a podcast, it will pick up your speech, not the whir of the air conditioner.

Excellent for Use with Speech Recognition Software

This model also works well for speech recognition software. If you are one of the thousands who choose to organize your books, papers, homework and other projects, by taking online notes verbally as you surf, than the directional technology in this mic can make sure you record every important word or phrase which ensures a successful study session.

Summary of the FiFine Microphone K668

The Fifine Microphone K668 with USB Plug & Play is sure to give your recordings a high quality, professional touch. No more scratchy, fuzzy background noise you usually get from your integrated microphone, as its cardioid pick up pattern works to make sure the only sound you hear, is the one you are recording. So whether you are chatting causally over SKYPE or involved in an important meeting, the Fifine microphone is sure to give you the ultimate in recording performance.