Recording Microphone For Computers, PA Systems and Smartphones

Top rated recording microphonesWhen it comes to home recording be shure to have the right recording microphone. If you are recording speech or singing voices with ambition, you might look for the best recording microphone you can get. Than have a look at our top-rated USB-Microphones for home recording right here:

Top-Rated USB-Microphones for Home Recording

Top-Rated USB-Microphones for Home Recording

Most eye-catching recording microphones

Style is everything! Especially if it’s paired with great sound quality like our picks in the most eye-catching list:

Most eye-catching recording microphones

Recording Mics with USB plug under $100

For few usage you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good recording mic. Have a look at our choices below 100 bucks and get happy!

Recording Microphones under $100

Recording Microphones under $50

You just want to talk to your grandma sometime or even are a grandma? Go ahead and save money with our cheap alternatives!

Recording Microphone under $50

To a layman, all microphones may look the same. You can buy a cheap recording microphone and plug it into your tape socket and record your speech. Professionals abhor such cheap products and for obvious reasons: the quality is unacceptable. They use studio microphones costing thousands.

If you are a recording enthusiast and would like to record a song, a speech, an instructional or educational voice over or a performance by your music band you do not need to go spend thousands on studio quality microphones. You can get “near” professional, studio like performance with USB professional condenser recording microphones now found at affordable prices on a number of online stores. You can use these recording microphones costing about $ 50 to $100 or thereabouts and the quality and clarity of the audio will simply stun you.

Who uses these USB recording microphone?

  • If you plan to record videos with voiceovers or even film the character and record his voice, use USB recording microphone with a 25 mm condenser cartridge with the option to select the direction. Directional microphones allow you to capture audio from a single direction and subdue sounds from all other directions.
  • If you and your friends have formed a music group and record audio directly in the computer, use recording microphones with directional capability and large condenser capsules for maximum sensitivity, dynamic range and signal to noise ratio.
  • If you are someone preparing a speech, a preacher preparing a sermon, a student or a professional preparing a presentation, you can benefit by using this type of recording mic over the ones found in the smartphone or the mic you normally use along with your webcam for audio recording or chatting purpose.
  • If chatting and online audio/video conference is part of your life, use this USB recording microphone. The audio clarity and sensitivity will astound you.

Why use a USB recording microphone when you can plug in an analog microphone into the jack of your phone or computer?

USB recording microphones have an inbuilt high quality condenser microphone, much larger in size and capable of higher quality. It goes further. These devices have an inbuilt analog to digital converter with high sampling rate (16 bit 44 khz or 24 bit 96 khz) for high fidelity performance.

If this convinces you enough to go online and buy a recording microphone, pick one that allows you to adjust the pattern, one that has tri capsule array and an inbuilt zero latency headphone output, mute button and gain control. This way you can have total control. The Blue Yeti microphones are growing in popularity, while the Audio Technica is a near professional grade high quality USB recording microphone.