Lavalier Microphone ▶ Lapel Microphone / Clip on

When you see a newsreader on TV, chances are that he or she is wearing a wireless lavalier microphone. You can spot them on television, in speeches and also in theatres. Usually, a lavalier mic is often invisible, hidden in the lapel of the coat or sometimes tucked into the hair and communicates with recording equipment using a radio frequency module for hands-free operation. However, you may not always need the expensive professional grade wireless lavalier microphone especially when you plan to use your mobile device for recording audio or for communication purpose.

Recommended Lavalier Microphones

Hands-free vs lapel clip on lavalier microphone

lavalier microphone for smartphone usageWhy spend extra money on a lavalier lapel clip-on microphone when most smartphones are equipped with a hands-free headset along with a microphone? The answer is simple. If you have seen people using these “hands-free: sets you will notice that they have to literally shout into the microphone and keep it close to their mouth when they speak. In short, the sensitivity of the supplied mic in the hands-free set is far from satisfactory. Even a bluetooth device is far from satisfactory in terms of sensitivity and audio quality. This is why it makes sense to use a lavalier microphone; you can clip it on to your lapel and attach it to the 3.5mm socket through the wired jack. Such microphones are high sensitivity type with several advantages over the inbuilt mic in smartphones.

Advantages of lavalier microphone for smartphones

If you pick the right lavalier microphone, there are several advantages:

  • This microphone is omnidirectional whereas the microphone in the phone is directional. If you are recording audio, something like a group discussion with people sitting around a table, you will know why using this lavalier mic is so advantageous.
  • The microphone is more sensitive and has a higher dynamic range, translating to better recording of audio even if the speaker speaks at a low volume.
  • In addition, higher dynamic range means there is less distortion should someone seated close by speak at a louder than normal volume. If you are recording musical performance, this feature is highly useful when coupled with the omnidirectional sound pick up feature.
  • There is no clipping or distortion—important for speech and for music recordings.
  • It is like having a professional wireless lavalier microphone but at a far more affordable price.

Who can use this kind of lavalier microphone?

  • If you need to use your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung Android and Windows Smartphones when your hands are busy, a lavalier mic for iphone/ipad is highly useful.
  • A lavalier mic for Android/Windows phones can be used to record high quality audio for instance, when you need to record a video of yourself or someone else for educational or information purpose.
  • If you are an amateur musician or if you are a group of friends who love to play instruments and sing songs then you can use a lavalier mic for smartphone and get superb audio clarity.
  • You can record a podcast using a lavalier mic. For example, pastors have been known to record sermons when they desire exceptional audio quality.

There is a world of difference in clarity and sensitivity as you will find when you use an external lavalier mic for smartphones. Royal Voice is a well-know for manufacturing Lavalier Lapel Microphone Clip-on Omnidirectional Condenser Mic for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung Android and Windows Smartphones.