Audio Technica AT875R Directional Microphone

directional microphone Audio-Technica AT875R

The Audio Technica AT875R shotgun directional microphone is an inovative item in our microphone test with tons of class and personality. It’s a small but compact microphone for anyone who needs to use a microphone for work, school, or even as a budding YouTuber. There’s so many things that can be done with this microphone. It’s a low budget microphone, but don’t let the phrase low budget explain how nicely made that this microphone really is. This microphone is used for videos and audio product. Has very good sound and background noise projection. It mounts right on to the camcorder.

Pros of Audio Technica AT875R

This only operates by phandom power.*The microphone gives a balanced sound*The microphone is small, shot and compact*It does require phantom power to run.

Cons of Audio Technica AT875R

You may need some processing software to make the microphone work a bit better.*This is a mono-mic and not a stereo microphone.*You will have to use phantom power to get this microphone to operate. The cords are not included, so you will have to buy your own.


This is a very nice microphone especially for the price that it is. While it’s inexpensive, it works better than a lot of other microphones do. It’s fantastic for all kinds of occasions. For anyone’s recording needs. It’s quiet easy to use. Even if someone’s just using the microphone for YouTube videos it works flawlessly. So If you’re on a budget the shotgun microphone is a pretty solid choice.

With the ease of use and the availability of this product, it’s one of those microphones that someone wouldn’t just be taking their chance with, they would actually be enjoying the camera. While at the same time someone must check to see if their device is compatible with whatever they’re using, because not all cameras are compatible with the microphone.