Sennheiser ME66 Directional Microphone

Directional Microphone Sennheiser ME66

Sennheiser ME66 is a every inch a fine directional microphone choice in our microphone test. Why is that? The answer is clear. What makes this microphone tops is that it is designed with total microphone versatility in mind. It is a popular choice among video, film, and ENG/EFP professionals for this very reason. It has a very focused pickup as just one of its many amazing attributes. Please read on to learn more about it. You will be very glad that you did. Simple as that.

Pros of Sennheiser ME66

Some of the Pros of the Directional Shotgun Microphone Sennheiser Microphone are these. First of all, it is a premium grade microphone that has a highly directional, cardioid polar pattern. What the cardioid polar pattern does is to give off great attenuation at the sides of the microphone itself. It also has a very focused pickup about it that works fine along with many ambient environments as well.
Some of the best features that belong to the Directional Shotgun Microphone Sennheiser are no other than the following. The Sennheiser ME66 Directional Microphone has a unique capsule that permits the user of the microphone to be able to expand their microphone system at their own pace and in their own time. It also awesome performance, cool versatility, and so much more. It has a compact design that does permit mounting to video cameras. It also has the ability to accept phantom power to it from outside sources. It also is a microphone that delivers the best sound possible.

People do appear to like the Directional Shotgun Microphone ME66 Sennheiser Microphone a whole lot. They have given it an overall star rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars. They have also left some very glowing comments and reviews about it as well. Some of the comments do include Five Stars, Awesome Mic, Great value, the list goes on.

Cons of Sennheiser ME66

One customer who bought this microphone complained that it was high-priced and only had average sound. Another customer said that it came with an incomplete kit.

Conclusion of Sennheiser ME66 directional microphone

The Sennheiser ME66 Directional Microphone is every inch a fine microphone for anyone to consider buying for their varied microphone requirements. What makes this microphone excellent is its ability to adapt to one’s individual needs for it.