Shure SM58 – Dynamic Microphone for Vocals

Shure SM58 - dynamic microphone

Shure SM58

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  • solide Verarbeitung
  • Langlebigkeit
  • Allround-Mikrofon


  • Probleme mit hohen Frequenzen
  • starke Lautstärkenvariation

The Shure SM58 is a dynamic vocal microphone, or just dynamic microphone. Introduced in 1966, it uses a very effective spherical filter that cuts out noise from breathing and unwanted background noise to pick up the full, isolated sound of your voice.

Dynamic Microphone

As opposed to a condenser microphone, which are clunky and require an external energy source, a dynamic microphone is reliable and consistent in sound. They are often the choice of musicians on the road and even the President of the United States, as dynamic microphones are durable and can take quite a beating. The quality of sound is also the best it can be with a dynamic microphone!

Shure SM58 – classic dynamic vocal microphone

As mentioned before, the Shure SM58 is a dynamic vocal microphone, making it reliable, durable, and able to produce a great quality of sound from your voice. The Shure SM58 has been the choice of musical artists for lead and backup vocals for decades! Unlike other technologies which are replaced by a much better model within a year, the Shure SM58 has been the gold standard of microphones for years!
2016 marks the 50th anniversary the Shure SM58 has been in production. Check out the video below for a full rundown of the features of this microphone.