K & M Microphone Stand with Telescopic Boom Arm

K & M is a well known and highly respected crafter of high quality products, and the K & M Microphone Stand with Telescopic Boom Arm is a fine example of that craftsmanship. This particular model is a professional grade tripod microphone stand. Manufactured to be tough and durable with a zinc die cast base and constructed of high quality Swiss steel.

K &M M Microphone Stand

Key Features of K & M Microphone Stand

  • Easy to assemble and transport to gigs
  • Highly adjustable
  • Strong, durable, stable and can handle heavy mics with ease

Easy to Adjust

The K & M Microphone Stand is easy to assemble and adjust to your particular needs. It is adjustable from 35-1/2 inch height to 63-1/8 inches. The telescopic boom adjusts from 18 inches to 30-1/4 inches. This flexible mic stand adapts quite easily to allow for standing vocals or lowering it to an angle suitable to record amps or percussion. The K & M Mic Stand remains stable on most surfaces, from smooth tile to pile rugging. Its dimensions are 33.5 x 4.3 x 3.1 inches.

Portable and Easy to Transport

Not only is it sturdy, made well and highly adjustable, but the K & M Microphone Stand is easy to transport, weighing only 7.2 pounds. Indeed, you’ll find that this mic stand is one that you can take from gig to gig without any inconvenience.


All in all the K & M Microphone Stand is built to last, adjustable and easy to transport, major considerations of all musicians. This stand will not wobble on carpeting, or holding a microphone that is slightly heavier than the norm. The K & M Microphone stand offers the user excellent leverage, strength, durability and portability., an all around superb addition to any musicians gear