Samson BL3 Ultra-Light Boom Stand

If you are a traveling musician or a comedian, emcee, or even a part time entertainer of any kind, then you know the value of having a portable, durable, and reliable microphone stand. The Samson BL3 Ultta-Light Boom Stand is a stand that will suit your needs and at a price that is affordable, this stand is definitely one to keep in mind!

Main Features of Samson BL3 Ultra-Light Boom Stand

  • Sturdy, die-cast alumnium construction
  • Collapsible for total portability
  • Great flexibility for positioning

Samson BL3 Ultra-Light Boom Stand

Samson BL3 Microphone Stand Details

One of the best features of the Samson BL3 Ultra-Light Boom Stand is its complete and total portability. It is collapsible and lightweight, making it easier than ever to take your microphone stand wherever you need to go. It’s resilient, die-cast aluminium construction is ideal for providing the durability you need while maintaining a clean and polished look at all times. In addition, the boom stand has superior flexibility for positioning so it always can be placed where you want it and at the height you need.

All of these features combined with a great price make the Samson BL3 an attractive, easy to use, highly convenient, and overall, a practical and highly recommended microphone stand option!