Rode NTUSB – USB Microphone Review and Test

USB Microphone Rode NTUSB Test and Review


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  • Good Sound
  • a lot of add ons
  • nice handling
  • integrated sound card
  • audio jack

An USB microphone made it possible to have good quality recordings anytime and anyplace. Made for plug and play usage the pre-amp and an analog-to-digital converter makes a digital stream. For at home production, YouTube explorations, and capturing interview opportunities the best rated product in our microphone test, Rode NTUSB, fits the need well.

What to Look For in a USB Microphone

With all the choices available now sometimes it’s hard to pick what fits the need. First and foremost, determine what your music goal for recording has been. Different brands emphasize different features. Here are some questions to consider:
1. Are you mostly recording voice or instrumental?

2. What types of instruments will become recorded? Guitar? Piano? Drums?

3. What quality do you need?

4. What is your budget?
USB microphone does a 16-bit depth with a 44.1 kHz resolution which offers similar recording sound like a CD. Some do a better job of recording voices rather than instrumental. Even within individual instruments microphones differ in its sound quality. If it lists as a mixture of instruments, then balancing sound becomes the objective.

Rode NTUSB USB Review

Classified as a specialized microphone that does voice recording, and pod-casting solidly microphone geeks state musicians can create a demo album with it. Rode NTUSB USB Review handles both instrumental and voice. A few reviews lean towards it handling instrumental sound more professionally than voice. In most home recording situations an acoustic treatment of the room has not been done. The mix control becomes balanced with a turn of the knob giving the recorder the control. The accompanying tripod stabilizes the device to obtain good sound recording but a few reviews complain it’s not quite large enough. With several streams of sound, the goal becomes balancing so each voice and instrument becomes heard. Rode NTUSB Review does that at an unexpected price below $200.