Nolan Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

Bluetooth Microphone by Nolan MIC

Are you looking to take your back your freedom and shake the wired microphones habit? If that sounds like you then you will want to take an up close look at Nolan Bluetooth Microphone. In this review, you will learn why going wireless with your bluetooth microphone is the solutionto speech freedom.

Nolan Bluetooth Microphone Benefits

This microphone is small, light-weight and stylish. The built-in clip has LED indicator for the status of the operation.

Works with PA systems, distant education, and ideal for conferencesand webinars.

The microphone works long range and captures voices and audio clearly, plus much more.

Features of Nolan Bluetooth Microphone

  • Speech recognition
  • VoIP and Skype capable
  • Works with most types of Bluetooth speakers
  • Works with Handy cam, personal computers, tablets, as well as, Android and Windows, smart phones.
  • Operates up to 100 feet
  • voice recording and the hearing impaired
  • great technical support

Bluetooth Microphone Con:

Some users complained of syncing this device with their other devices, tricky and called tech support for help. A few users found they were unhappy the clarityof the recording.

There is no doubt that wireless microphones once synced properly allows for the freedom to move about while speaking or singing without worryingabout the limitations of wired microphones. Wireless microphones allow the users to bring their presentation to a professional level both at home or at work. Speak up, be heard and break free of the wired microphones.