Rode M1 Dynamic Microphone Review and Test

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Rode M1 Dynamic Vocal Microphone

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Professional performers, sound engineers and vocal coaches alike agree that, to capture a superb vocal performance in any live setting, a reliable, great sounding dynamic microphone is essential. Microphones must not only be able to capture the full vocal range of the performer, from soft, quieter moments to all-out, hard rocking wails, but also be able to withstand the rigours of touring. Simply, there is every chance that adynamic microphone is just going to be tossed into a bag at the end of a session, so it needs to be durable enough for users to know that it will still function properly next time they need it. The Rode M1 does all this and more, and at a surprisingly economical price.

Rode M1 Dynamic Microphone

Acknowledged throughout the music industry for its sturdy build quality, great sound, and sheer versatility, the Rode M1 can be used as a handheld mic or with a stand, and even lends itself well to non-vocal applications such as capturing electric guitars or drums. Despite its robust qualities, the Rode M1 feels light and comfortable in the hand, and for a dynamic microphone it is incredibly responsive due to its powerful neodymium capsule. And as if all that wasn’t enough, purchasers also benefit from a comprehensive lifetime guarantee.