Blue Snowball iCE Computer Microphone

Blue Snowball iCE Computer Microphone Review

If you are in the market for a great way to easily record from your home computer, the Blue Snowball iCE USB Microphone is perfect for you. Researched and developed specifically for social media purposes, the Snowball iCE is as well a computer microphone with a condenser capsule. Your voice on Skype, FaceTime, Youtube or any other chat service has never sounded this crisp and clear before.

Blue Snowball iCE Features

  • Plugs directly into your computer
  • Drivers not needed
  • Adjustable mic stand
  • USB cable
  • Records vocals, music, sound effects
  • Perfect for podcasts, online radio shows, narration

Usage of this Microphone

The Snowball iCE has a swivel mount that you will find on the bottom of the mics body. Mount your Snowball iCe on on its stand and make sure it is stable. Once mounted, you can easily swivel your Snowball iCE mic around to grab the best possible sound from your chosen source.

Next, after mounting the mic on the tripod stand simply, connect your Snowball iCE to a USB port on your computer. When connected properly, you’ll notice a blue glow, and that is your signal that you are ready to record! However, people who work on the computer all day tend to suffer from back pain. A very good solution is acquiring a good computer chair.

Recording with your Snowball iCE away from the computer is super easy! Simply purchase an OTG (On The Go) cable, and use it to record into a device. This is especially useful for those of you who are into recording your own foley for your Youtube, Vimeo or Twitch videos.

Experience Excellence in Sound Recording

The Snowball iCE microphone is guaranteed to produce high quality, stunning audios. This mic will not fade in or out, nor will you have any issues with it picking up odd and strange background hums and whirrs. The Snowball iCE is guaranteed to record voice, sound effects and music in crystal clear manner. The sound quality for this mic is stellar, crisp and fresh. And this all translates in to audio projects, chats or gaming endeavors will be polished and professional.

Perfect for Skyoe, Facebook or Youtube

Those of you are are planning on using this microphone for social media purposes will find the Snowball iCE mic gives an overall, exceptional performance. For those recording podcasts, narrating videos, voice overs or voice chats, such as Skype, simply speak clearly into the mic.  Remember, the closer you are to the mic, the louder the sound, so experiment with angles and distance to get the best possible feedback.

Skype users will be excited to know that the Snowball iCE microphone is Skype certified. Being Skype certified guarantees that you will have the clear communication necessary for both business meetings or casual social contact.

Gamers also benefit hugely from the high quality performance of the Snowball iCE. This mic has an superior track record when it comes to making gaming videos for Twitch. Those of you who are into creating game tutorials or walk throughs will find this microphone gives you uncompromising performance. Don’t forget for you online gamers, this is is the mic to choose for those MMO’s, and streaming gameplay in general.

For audio projects which are outside the realm of basic social media use, the Snowball iCE performs amazingly well. For those of you interested in recording your music, simply move your Snowball iCE toward the center of your guitar amp, or use it to record drums, percussion, wind instruments or a string quartet.

If you are into creating music with Garageband, simply open up Garageband and select the Snowball iCE microphone as the device of choice and create your tracks. In case you experience any distortion, simply adjust the input level in the control panel.

Conclusion for Blue Snowball iCE Microphone

All in all, the Snowball iCE Microphone by Blue will be able to cover all of your recording needs. Production quality of your videos will be professional and high grade, while casual streaming chat will by crystal clear. Don’t depend on imitators and definitely do not depend on your computers integrated microphone ever again. With the Snowball iCE, say goodbye forever, to fuzzy, incoherent recordings, and say hello to high quality, professional work.